Els coros
Joy. Tradition. Feeling. Music… Much more than a party. They are the Coros, the most deeply rooted celebration of the neighborhood. A spectacle! GET
“From the Somorrostro to the beach, her star has gone out. Her wall collapsed, like the wall of Jericho… Carmen, Carmen, Carmen… Carmen! …
Discover the two historical memories. “Memory of the dock. History and daily life of fishing in Barceloneta” From June 13 to July 27. Inauguration:
A restaurant with maritime soul. Origins Founded by Ramón Cid Ripollès in 1908 as a tavern, in its beginnings sold wine in bulk from
On June 7, a session was held at the European Parliament to support the protection and valorisation of emblematic stores in Europe. MEPs Pina
Teresa Darriba, a neighbour and a customer. Welcome to the new health section of our neighbourhood magazine. The Miró Pharmacy begins this collaboration with
One must feel it. “A festival like the Coros could only exist here. Barceloneta is so much Barceloneta. I have been coming out here
Thanks and remembrance. We would like to thank the Coros Coordinator Selena Carpio Jerez, Eduard Isaac Peidró and Alex Martín Navarro, for the information
The port of our city keeps a lot of things jealously hidden, like images, places, smells, sounds, trades, and activities that keep other places
People who are worthwhile, like Anna who, as the song by Los Secretos said, “I become normal once I get off every stage”. She’s
The Institut de Nàutica de Barcelona (INB) is a public centre for integrated vocational training, specialising in nautical sports and leisure, located in Barceloneta.
Tech Barcelona launches the Working Group TechBcn – 4Women. Tech Barcelona launches the Working Group TechBcn – 4Women, a working group to connect companies
Traditions are those specific customs of each society that are maintained, learned, and passed from generation to generation. These manifestations are a valuable part