1st historical memory short story contest

The first La Garba short story contest has already taken place.

Nine stories which will be published in a compilation book have been selected, six written in Catalan and three in Spanish.

As the contest was announced, all the stories have a connection to Barceloneta. All the stories cover a wide time span of the neighbourhood’s existence. From a narrative that takes place in the early twentieth century, in the Barceloneta of decades ago that many neighbours will remember, ending with the most rabid present, that of a neighbourhood under siege by the tourist pressure.

List of stories to be published:

  • “Peripecias de un neonato, oriundo de la Barceloneta”, by Carmen Escribano.
  • “La dona invisible i la mala mar”, by Miquel Riba.
  • “Les mares del barri, Vicenta”, by Vicens Forner.
  • “Rèquiem per a tu”, by Joan-Daniel Feixas .
  • “Morirà en foc …”, by Xavier Saladrigas .
  • “Amarillos y azules cerca del mar”, by Mª Rosa Bastante.
  • “Cinquanta anys abans ”, by Josep Maria Godia .
  • “Pau vora del mar”, by Aida Planas.
  • “Mis vecinas y yo”, by Amparito.

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