Historical memory

Discover the two historical memories.

“Memory of the dock. History and daily life of fishing in Barceloneta” From June 13 to July 27. Inauguration: Tuesday June 13, at 12:30h

Barceloneta is a peninsula that has been linked to the port, industry, and leisure since its origins. Despite the disappearance of this industry, the activities linked to the port are still alive in the neighbourhood. Among all of them, fishing is the most significant and, at the same time, the most threatened at present. We can see how fishing is in clear decline in all aspects.

From the Institute Joan Salvat-Papasseit, the students of the 3rd year of ESO have promoted the exhibition “Memory of the dock” to dignify and recover the historical memory of this economic activity.

“We are face and voice” From June 15th to July 29th

Some time ago, Yago Leonard began a journey into the past of Barcelona thanks to the work of his grandfather Jacques Leonard, a French photographer who lived in the city. His images have a strong anthropological character and transmit the nerve of Barcelona’s life between the 1950s and 1980s. Yago found in the family archives unpublished photographs that depicted the life of the guys and gypsies in the neighbourhood of barracas of Somorrostro from the inside and not from the outside, as was usual with other photographers. From those findings, Yago has created a video that can be seen in the CB1761 where Leonard’s work is brought back to life.

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