Bronze in the Champions League. Bacallà, sec, sec!

Once again, the Mariner Club has done it. A few days ago, the club managed to make podium in the most important Water polo club competition in the world, the Champions League in Belgrade.

The bronze medal tasted like gold due to the fantastic trajectory of the team this season. They have won all the national titles in dispute and have reached the European Final 8 as first in the group. They aspired to revalidate the title of Champion, achieved in 2014, but being among the 3 best teams on the continent fills the neighbourhood, which has accompanied and supported the team since the very beginning, with pride.

Throughout history, the values of sport have accompanied this centenary Club, which has differentiated itself by the high level of performance of its athletes in different competitions. Its main commitment has been to build one of the best swimming and water polo schools in Europe. A school where athletes are trained from the smallest base and where they can grow to become part of the international elite.

More than 400 federated athletes, including swimmers and water polo players.

These athletes represent the greatest pride for the CNAB. Club Natación Atlético-Barceloneta is, without a doubt, the Spanish Water Polo Club of reference and one of the best in Europe. Its first men’s senior team has an impressive track record. 1 European Cup, 1 European Super Cup, 4 European bronze medals, 23 Division of Honor Leagues, 19 King’s Cups and 17 Super Cups. Its players not only win titles for the Club but also for Spain since the great majority of them are part of the national team. A recent example is that in the last Water Polo World Cup 2022, held in Budapest, 8 of the 13 members of the national team were CNAB players. Not only this, but it offers a comprehensive vision of the sport, because it has also become a benchmark in the organization of sporting events of wide projection and international recognition.

Whether the Final Six of the LEN Water polo Champions League, which it has organized three times, or the LEN Open Water Cup, which brings together the best open water swimmers in Europe. Not forgetting the traditional Crossing in the Port of Barcelona, the oldest popular swimming event, which is a must for all swimming lovers. And if sport is the club’s greatest pride, so is its neighbourhood, Barceloneta. A neighbourhood it loves and proudly bears its name wherever it goes and dedicates its achievements to it.

Congratulations! Bacallà, sec, sec!

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