It is not California, it is la Barceloneta

The European city that sells more neoprene per year is called Barcelona.

They don’t practice it, they live it. Because, as they say, surfing is more than a sport, it is a way of life, an art that is expressed by riding a board on the waves. The feeling of catching one and feeling the wind in your face while you go at full speed is beyond description.

It is often said that Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing, where the technique of taming waves was created and perfected. But in our latitudes, surfing came much later, and as in so many other things, the beach of Barceloneta was the setting chosen by these first madmen. Those were times as distant as they are incredible for some of us today.

You probably remember that before the Olympic Games, when there was a storm and, therefore, waves, the sea had a chocolate colour and all kinds of garbage and dead animals floated in it.

Today we can find up to a hundred surfers waiting to catch a wave. A hundred for one!


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