Can Ros

can ros

A restaurant with maritime soul.


Founded by Ramón Cid Ripollès in 1908 as a tavern, in its beginnings sold wine in bulk from different origins (Gandesa, Alella, Priorat…), oil and other groceries. They also had a coffee roaster, filled the siphons, and dispatched the ice for the refrigerators.

After a hard Civil War and in the middle of the post-war period, at the end of the 40’s they began to serve some tapas, especially anchovies and olives, wines, and vermouth. In the 50’s, Ramón Cid Martínez, the grandson of the founder, decided to take the reins of the tavern and together with his wife Rosita, gave continuity to the family business. The next step, with Ramón at the wheel, was to try to serve some hot fried or grilled tapas.

The business, which started only on the first floor, was extended to the second floor, which, until then, had been the family home.

At the end of the 60’s, Ramon Cid and Rosita transformed the place into a restaurant with an extensive menu.

Ramon and Rosita, now at retirement age, decided to start a new adventure and in 1993 they opened another restaurant: LA MAR SALADA, on the front line of Paseo Joan de Borbó, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year 2023.

In 2001 Marta, Ramon’s granddaughter and 5th generation of the family, and her husband Albert Enrich took over the management of the business. And they began a transformation of both restaurants both aesthetically and gastronomically and thus continued to run the two restaurants until today.

Ramon Cid started working when he was 23 right after his return from military service and continued until he was 90 years old, faithful to his hard-working and fighting soul.

Why Can Ros?

The Cids were curious genetically because there were blondes and redheads in the family. For that reason, they were known as the ones from Can Roig. With the arrival of Franco’s regime, the nickname “red” was not the most advisable and circumstances led to change the name to Can Ros. Great!

Fish from Barceloneta

For more than 10 years, Albert has bet on the fish that is caught every day in “exactly 446 steps of Can Ros” with the star product from his offer: the fish from the Fisherman’s Wharf of Barceloneta, the Barceloneta Fish. Just like his grandfather Ramón used to do, Albert himself goes to the fish market every day to buy a product of unbeatable freshness and proximity. For that reason, the menu is seasonal and conditioned to what the fishermen have caught that day. That is how authentic it is.
Only the obligatory fishing closures forced him to change the Barceloneta Pier for Vilanova for a few weeks. This care for the product is one more detail that denotes one of the objectives of the whole team: customer loyalty of a mainly autochthonous client that demands and values the quality and the care in the details, and that looks for the local kitchen, of the Barceloneta. A sincere cuisine with a seafaring soul that is more and more difficult to find on the tables of La Barceloneta every day.

Renewed traditional cuisine

After almost 50 years of Lucía’s trajectory in the kitchen of CAN ROS, nowadays the head chef is the young and creative Jordi Kevin Ballester, who after passing through very relevant kitchens, got the job in Can Ros. A chef who knows how to combine our traditional cuisine with current innovations. The team is complemented by Guillem Faura, as head waiter, who welcomes customers with a close and familiar treatment.

CAN ROS, with 115 years of history, is today one of the few restaurants that maintain this fidelity to the autochthonous kitchen, this kitchen of identity of marine district that we all remember from our grandmothers, based on a product of proximity of maximum quality.

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