There are very few people left who remember that there was a bullring in Barceloneta called the Torín. It was the first fixed bullring
It is Sunday, the neighbourhood is shining with joy. the music floods the streets from the radio sets that through the balconies and windows
Tribute to a whole history Alfons Cánovas Lapuente (4 -11-1917) comienza a aprender el oficio de joyero en 1929 en el taller del sr. Cabañas
There was a time when there was no celebrity passing through Barcelona who did not visit the picnic areas. In 1973 Jack Nicholson and
Thirty years after the disappearance of the merenderos, some sagas are still active. Like the children and grandchildren of María Vellvé of Casa Costa,
The Coastal Law passed by the Spanish Parliament in 1988 had been relentless. Determined to return to the citizenship the kilometers of beach that
The photographer Albert Olivé Boix leaves us testimony of the last stage and demolition of the picnic areas.
The origin. In the previous issue of Essència Barceloneta we explained the origin of the neighborhood cuisine. The fishermen’s “on board” fisherman’s ranch and,
The Nuevo Vulcano Workshops, one of the most important factories in our neighborhood, together with the Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima, was the first factory
Joy. Tradition. Feeling. Music… Much more than a party. They are the Coros, the most deeply rooted celebration of the neighborhood. A spectacle! GET
One must feel it. “A festival like the Coros could only exist here. Barceloneta is so much Barceloneta. I have been coming out here
Thanks and remembrance. We would like to thank the Coros Coordinator Selena Carpio Jerez, Eduard Isaac Peidró and Alex Martín Navarro, for the information
Sitting on that stool in the doorway of the even older workshop, Manuel looked at the sky with an eagerness to recover -even if
Have you ever wondered why there is a street, in our neighbourhood, named after Escuder? Who is this person? What did he do to
“Like Esther Williams” Enriqueta Moyano ends up in the water because a traumatologist tells her that orthopedic boots were not enough to improve her
It is celebrated in honour of Saint Miquel (29th September) and begins on the neighbourhood’s main festival. Although it is also held on the
It is not always that a city or a neighbourhood can celebrate its birthday. Barceloneta can. On February 3, 1753, Domingo Fernandez del Monte,