Our traditions

Traditions are those specific customs of each society that are maintained, learned, and passed from generation to generation.

These manifestations are a valuable part of our cultural legacy, of our history.

Some are lost due to a lack of follow-up, lack of support, simply because of distraction or because they are mistakenly considered outdated. Others have been replaced by imported products, usually Anglo-Saxon, which have probably been able to seduce us better.

That is why we must give due recognition to the “Coros” which, with more than 150 years of age, are still in a very good shape. Perhaps the secret is that the Coros are a true reflection of this neighbourhood. Seriously carefree, proudly popular, and somewhat roguish. Some have processions, others throw a goat out of the bell tower and others burn their dolls. We parade around dancing with an axe on our shoulders.

It’s all culture. The culture of each one and of each place. Like that of our neighbourhood. A neighbourhood with its very own identity.

Here’s to another 150 years, Coros!

Les nostres tradicions

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