Improving the sustainability of the facilities

MB92 Barcelona joins forces with the company Océano Ecoestructuras to take a new step towards sustainable improvement.

Oceano Ecoestructuras provides solutions to offset the negative impacts of marine infrastructures by implementing nature-based solutions that reinforce the fight against climate change and restore the marine environment.

The project at MB92 consists of 10 LBU (Life Boosting Unit) units that are already operational at its facilities. The LBUs are bioremediation structures made from natural substrate that act as a refuge and habitat for various forms of life.
On the day of their installation, the structures were filled with bivalves, molluscs that will serve as substrate to boost biodiversity and strengthen the local ecosystem.

These innovative structures aim to foster biodiversity in the areas where they are installed and are expected to increase the number of species present by 60%.

M92’s initiative in implementing LBUs demonstrates its commitment to sustainable improvement and environmental conservation. This action does not only strengthen local biodiversity but is also expected to inspire other companies in the sector. Innovative companies with unique solutions, such as Ocean Ecoestructuras, demonstrate that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand to make a positive impact on the marine environment.

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