Traditional cuisine can also be daring

In Palomino you will find a cuisine that respects tradition combined with a modern twist that makes it a daring, rogue-like tavern.

In a neighbourhood of seafood cuisine, Palomino is committed to ensuring these local dishes coexist with other traditional recipes, the flavors of which many will remember from other times or other places.

For example, the Cod Omelette will transport you to Donosti, our Cannelloni will make you believe that you are celebrating San Esteban at Tieta’s house, or the Meatballs will remind you of those ones that grandma used to make without any hurry, but with all the love in the world.

Of course, you can’t miss the most typical tapas of the neighbourhood such as the “bombas”, the calamares a la andaluza (andalusian style fried squids), the gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns), the bravas (spiced potatoes) or the “barretja” of Barceloneta.

If you are looking for the most typical tapas of the neighbourhood, if you want to taste the dishes of a lifetime, come to Palomino. The most rogue-like tavern in Barceloneta.

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