Los Coros. One must feel it

One must feel it.

“A festival like the Coros could only exist here. Barceloneta is so much Barceloneta. I have been coming out here for more than 40 years”.

Julio Emperador. 52 y.o.

ACH La Festa.


“It is a feeling. If you don’t feel it, you can’t understand it. It is the tradition of my neighbourhood, of my people”.

Montse Catalán. 48 y.o.

ACHF La Rosa dels Vents .


“When they arrive for us they are the 3 best days of the year. They give us life”.

Josep Peidró. 92 y.o. (coming here since 1949).

ACH Els Tranquils.


Have you seen how little by little I’m walking Well, on Saturday you’ll see the march I’ve got on parade”.

Antonio Ayza. 95 y.o. (coming here since 1955)

ACH Els Tranquils.


“Father’s greatest displeasure was not having a son to be in the coro. Until the female coros were born. And here is his daughter!”.

Carol Andreu. 42 y.o.

ACHF La Sirena.

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