Campus Mar prepares the 25th anniversary of its oldest degree program

This September at the Campus Mar of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra will be special. We will start the 25th year of the degree in Human Biology.

A degree that, since its beginning, has wanted to explain Biology with a strong focus on Medicine. 25 years and more than 900 students later, the studies continue with the same strength as they began.

In the 2023-2024 academic year, the degree in Medicine will also be taught at Pompeu with the Hospital del Mar. A degree that has incorporated the subject of Humanism in Medicine this year, to remind future doctors that this profession has a soul, and that despite all the technology that surrounds them, patients need the presence and care of medical professionals.

The teaching building will also be visited by the most ” techy” students, those of the Biomedical Engineering degree. This degree is shared with the Department of Information and Communication Technologies at the Poblenou Campus.

Despite the characteristics of each degree, all of them are structured around Health and Life Sciences and share a common way of working. Classes with small groups, problem-solving sessions and laboratory or simulation classrooms.

“Arriving at the hospital internship having heard what a normal heart or a heart with arrhythmia sounds like or having practiced intubating a patient in the simulation room, gives you much more peace of mind and confidence when treating the first patients,” explains Aina, who is studying 6th year Medicine. In this way, Pompeu avoids excessive lectures and tries to get students to participate more actively in their training.

All of them will share corridors with master’s degree students, who seek to specialize in specific subjects that they have already dealt with during their degree. Here the offer is varied and ranges from ‘Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry’ to ‘Public Health’, including ‘Bioinformatics for Health Sciences’.

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