President of the “Associació de Geganters de la Barceloneta”. There are cultural manifestations that, although we are aware that they make up our identity
Former player and coordinator of RCD Espanyol’s grassroots soccer. Initially the reason for the interview was because of him being the only player in
People who are worthwhile, like Anna who, as the song by Los Secretos said, “I become normal once I get off every stage”. She’s
I had already written the introduction when I asked Felipe Perrone to define David. Perrone is the captain of the Spanish national team, more
“We are working to fight prostate cancer” She does not boast of having two degrees which she did at the same time, nor of
From Barceloneta to Dubai, passing through half of the world Husband, father, son, brother and friend of his friends. Citizen of the world. Senior
Dr. Güerri, section chief of the HIV Unit in the Infectious Diseases Service, researcher in the Infectious Pathology and Antimicrobials research group at the