Initially, they called it globalization. The fact is that here, they were selling to the Chinese and I am not sure that we would
We are in the high season of leaders -or pseudo-leaders- of the most varied kind. They are presented to us in the form of politicians,
Traditions are those specific customs of each society that are maintained, learned, and passed from generation to generation. These manifestations are a valuable part
To reminisce is to evoke, to remember something we have experienced, known, or learned. It is a verb which use increases with age. Some
Born of the sea. Surrounded by the sea. With the smell of the sea. Barceloneta is the sea. It could have been built on
The beginnings of a project are not usually easy. But at Essència Bareloneta we have been lucky enough to have the company and support
For many, including ourselves, Barceloneta is a unique neighbourhood in one of the most extraordinary cities in the world. We, therefore, think it is