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Establishments that have been in the neighborhood for decades and generations. Not so long ago, or maybe too long ago, the neighbors bought everything,
There are very few people left who remember that there was a bullring in Barceloneta called the Torín. It was the first fixed bullring

9th edition of "Essència Barceloneta"

For all those nostalgic people: who doesn’t remember Lola Flores, Estrellita Castro, Imperio Argentina or Marifé de Triana singing María de la O? “
Being more from the neighborhood than you are, is impossible. Five generations of my family on my mother’s side – with the exception of
The Barcelona Nautical Institute (hereinafter INB) began its teaching activity in the 2015/2016 academic year. It is a public integrated vocational training center specialized
Summer is finally coming! Looking forward to the sun, sea and beach with a bottle of water at hand to keep you very hydrated
Notable public attendance at the Popular Sardine organized by the Brotherhood on Saturday June 8. At the event, sardines and drinks were distributed free
In the world of sports, this is a very special year, since it is an Olympic year. And, from July 26 to August 11,
Women’s handball team in Barceloneta began in the mid 70’s competing until after the Barcelona Olympics , by categories youth and seniors . First
On a sporting level, Barceloneta is a neighborhood world-renowned for water polo, but in addition to “polo” and soccer (which we will talk about
After living more than a decade in London, photographer Lluís Artus came back to Barcelona, and he found a city much different from the
Culture also sails in the Copa América For the first time an edition of the Copa de la América is accompanied by a program
Creator of the Port Works Service Library Writer, journalist, critic, translator, lecturer, librarian and one of the people who have done the most for
Exhibition “Barceloneta 3D, an immersion in the past” From May 4 to June 15 Project by the students of the 3D animation cycle of
In a blog of a japanese influencer called Kapenki Tamara we can find several testimonies of witnesses who were japanese tourists visiting the port
The Electricitat Winery has changed little since it opened in 1908. That’s why It is inventoried as part of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.
In both cases they have done it very satisfactorily, achieving a score of 97% of the total. The auditors highlight the strategic vision of