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6th edition of "Essència Barceloneta"

Casa Costa

The same location. The same spirit. The same family. 5th family generation. The emblematic Casa

The Merenderos

The origin. In the previous issue of Essència Barceloneta we explained the origin of the

The Demolition

The Coastal Law passed by the Spanish Parliament in 1988 had been relentless. Determined to

Can Ganassa

A bar that is a living history of the neighborhood The beginnings It opened its

With face and eyes

To value the local commerce of Barcelona. The Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with the


“The living conditions of the population in the Barceloneta of the 19th century”. From September

New generations

Thirty years after the disappearance of the merenderos, some sagas are still active. Like the


There was a time when there was no celebrity passing through Barcelona who did not

Crazy and endearing

A chilling scream sounds. -My friend Esteban, who has come to the neighborhood from Sant