On April 2, the Centre de la Platja (CdP) reopens its doors in a year that promises to be very maritime. From April 8
In 2020 a gorgonian forest was discovered at a depth of 19 metres next to the entrance to the Port of Barcelona. Today Barcelona
100 years at the service of the neighborhood. From worker’s consumer cooperative to public library. In 1879 the worker’s cooperative La Fraternitat was founded.
One windy winter afternoon I went into the Bodega Sergio, where it is common to find fishermen, dockers and other salty people. There was
The America’s Cup and La Barceloneta have something fundamental in common: the sea. Both are born of that sea that gives meaning to their
1. Batllori: fourth generation butchers, since 1875. First in the Plaza Sant Miquel until the Market was inaugurated in 1887. 2. Kim: third generation
Few, but some of these lifelong merchants still exist today. We have only counted a little more than twenty, but their persistence and courage
Establishments that have been in the neighborhood for decades and generations. Not so long ago, or maybe too long ago, the neighbors bought everything,
President of the “Associació de Geganters de la Barceloneta”. There are cultural manifestations that, although we are aware that they make up our identity
There are very few people left who remember that there was a bullring in Barceloneta called the Torín. It was the first fixed bullring
Initially, they called it globalization. The fact is that here, they were selling to the Chinese and I am not sure that we would