An emblematic location for a unique restaurant

The history

In 1928 someone thought it would be elegant to squeeze the city and extended some cables from the Mediterranean to Montjuïc for the Universal Exhibition of 1929, so the cable car that connected the port with the towers San Sebastian and Jaime I was built.

During the war it closed and was attacked by the Italian air force, showing the impacts on the roof beams. Subsequently, it operated until the 50’s, when it was abandoned due to a plane crash of the sixth American fleet. It reopened in 1963 as a bar and restaurant, to finally close its doors again in the 70s until the 2000s.

Manresa Family

After 30 years closed, the Manresa family arrived and settled right on top, following the story: on the table, only the clouds; below, the whole of Barcelona.

The Altamar adventure began in 2000 as one of those dreams that seems difficult to materialize.

It had all the conditions one can imagine, but brothers Carlos and Oscar Manresa didn’t want to open just a restaurant, they wanted to open THE RESTAURANT.

And not only did they want people to look through those gigantic windows at a city that was changing, they wanted to run a special place, where the dish would shine as much as the city that looked at them from the outside.

ALTAMAR Restaurant

Twenty-four years later, thousands of stories have been written in the Altamar restaurant, many in the more than 400 books in which all customers leave their feelings.





In this open day we want to present ALTAMAR to the neighborhood and to those who have heard about us and have not been able to visit us.

Attendees will be presented with a REWOT, our restaurant’s mascot made of vinyl.

We are waiting for you.


Maximum 2 people per reservation

It is essential to send an email to reserve a place

Passeig Joan de Borbó, 88.
08039 Barcelona

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