The nautical bus will start operating on July 1st.

Two zero-emission boats will provide the service.

The nautical bus service between the docks of Atarazanas and Levante will be provided for a minimum of 12 hours a day by two boats with a capacity of 70 passengers that will have an automated docking and boarding system.

The maximum fare has been set at €1.90 per trip, with 10-trip, 2-day and 30-day passes and discounts for children, young people and senior citizens.

The Board of Directors of the Port of Barcelona has awarded the nautical bus service between the docks of Atarazanas and Levante to Nex Continental Holdings, SLU, with the commitment of a joint venture with Bahía Zero, SL (ALSA Group).

The company awarded this service, Nex Continental Holdings, SLU with UTE commitment with Bahia Zero, SL, will make various investments in the two ends of the new service, the Levante dock and the Atarazanas dock, apart from the initial investment of 1,872,000 € in the two boats and in the conditioning of the maritime station and the Portal de la Pau stop.

Zero emissions

The main condition for the tender of the nautical bus service in the Port of Barcelona has been that the boats must be zero emissions, i.e., they must be equipped with a propulsion system with solar panels or hydrogen and connection to the electricity grid.

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