The survivors

Few, but some of these lifelong merchants still exist today. We have only counted a little more than twenty, but their persistence and courage deserved this recognition. Moreover, they are “shopkeepers” who still keep intact these values that you can hardly find in other more impersonal establishments in their DNA. Because “proximity” is not only a matter of meters, but also a matter of human warmth.

Cánovas: third generation of the neighborhood watch and jewelry shop since 1942.

c/Maquinista, 16.

Cansaladeria Roca: founded by Mateo Roca in 1948. Until the year 2000 in the Market. In Mateo and Silvia at the head of the business since 1983 in the current store.

c/Andrea Dòria , 43.

Cafés Salvador: Miquel and Marga run one of the few existing coffee roasters in the city, founded by their father Salvador in 1956.

c/Maquinista, 15.

Géneros Pascual: in 1957 María Salvatierra and Pascual Royo set up the fashion and haberdashery store that today is run by their daughter María.

c/ Doctor Giné y Partagàs , 24.

Papelería Elsa: since 1988, inaugurated by Tomás de Benito and currently run by his son Carlos.

Santo Miquel St., 14.

Tintorería Maquinista: its current owners, Ramón and Edu, have been in business for 30 years out of a total of 50 since its opening.

c/Maquinista, 12.

Soni Club: movies in Super8, Beta and VHS and cassettes and CDs … Since 1978, run first by Mr. Mirpuri and later by his son Sunil .

c/Pepe Rubianes, 8.

Floristeria Lola: inaugurated in 1952 and since 1992 with Tata at the head, making it eternal springtime in the neighborhood.

c/ Baluard , 44.

Encuadernaciones Bermejo: in 1979 Joan and Isabel started the business that today his son Xavi Olivella and his wife continue.

c/Pizarro, 12.

Les Ocasions: more than 80 years have passed since the store was opened by Dª. Rosita, it was managed by Manuel and María, then by her son Antonio and Vicenta until nowadays with Montse at the front.

c/ Sant Carlos, 10.

Plumbing Márquez: 50 years of the plumbing of Emilio Márquez.

c/ Maquinista, 18.

Forn Escolà: opened in 1929 by Juan Escolà, continued by his son Juan and currently run by his daughters Mercedes and Montse and his son-in-law Javier.

c/Pepe Rubianes, 33.

Hilados Donado: almost 80 years of yarns, ropes and nets since Jesús Donado opened. Today Toni Donado keeps intact a unique establishment.

c/Miquel Pedrola , 9.

Frutería Mas dels Arcs: since 1912, this is the 4th generation of fruit trees of the Santamaría family.

c/Balboa 13.

Gráficas Barceloneta: in Xavier Peregrino at the head of the neighborhood printing house for more than 3 decades.

c/Ginebra 26.

Quiosco Barceloneta: the neighborhood kiosk for 32 years with Paco at the helm.

Pg. Juan de Borbón , 9.

Cristalería Marco: founded in the 50’s by Angel Marco, father of the present owner Angel Luis Marco.

c/Pizarro, 10.

Estanco Vara: since 1982 run by its present owner Luis Vara Álvarez.

C/Maquinista, 4.

Barna Electronics: electronics, telephone accessories and gift items, run by Ram Dodani since 1988.

C/Pepe Rubianes, 11.

Ultramarinos Salatiel: Chris Ezennaya’s grocery store celebrates 40 years in the neighborhood, with its homemade dishes and its chickens “a l’ast” on weekends.

c/ Pizarro , 7.

Estanco 57: before they were in the C/Conde de Santa Clara since the 30’s, and Ramón y la Nieves, and later, and currently in the new premises, run by brothers David and Carlos, one of them being the son-in-law of Mr. Ramón.

c/ Pepe Rubianes, 57

Claus Anguera: since 1990 Ramón Anguera founded the plumbing and wrench store in Dr. Ginès y Partagàs street 29. And since 1998 in the present location, now with his daughter Susana, the best connoisseur of all kinds of wrenches.

c/Andrea Doria, 21

Forn Balboa: open since the 30’s and run by Miquel and Antonia since 1989. All the bread and pastries are handmade.

c/ Balboa, 12.

La Pelu del Jose: the year Jose was born (1967) opened by his uncles Roberto and Luis and his father Jose, the hairdressing salon Hermanos Martin, since 2018 in its current location.

c/ Sant Maique, 31.


Special mention should be made of all the pharmacies in the neighborhood . Some of them are centenary establishments that have been serving the neighbors for generations:

Miró Pharmacy. c/Pepe Rubianes, 15.

Pharmacy Vidal. Pg. Juan de Borbón, 33.

Pharmacy Piqué. c/ Sant Carles , 7.

Pharmacy Huguet. c/ Ba luard , 34.

Odriozola Pharmacy. c/ Maquinista, 9.

Ariñó Pharmacy. c/ Ginebra, 13.

Domènech Pharmacy. c/Andrea Doria, 14.

Pharmacy Torelló. c/ Pg . Juan de Borbón , 72.


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