9th edition of the “Blue Week” at the INB

Every year, the Nautical Institute of Barcelona experiences with enthusiasm a unique event: the “Setmana Blava” (Blue Week).

Every February and throughout a week, we leave aside the conventional academic activities to immerse ourselves in a space of discovery and nautical learning. This year was the ninth edition of this event, which makes our center the meeting point for students and professionals of the nautical and marine world.

The “Blue Week” is much more than a break in the academic routine; it is an opportunity for all our students to connect directly with the professional world to which they dedicate their efforts. During these four days we offer a variety of activities including lectures, visits to relevant facilities, colloquiums with leading experts, boat trips and other activities that make “Blue Week” a unique experience.

Currently, we count on the collaboration of more than forty entities that make this “Blue Week” possible. Without you, this initiative would not be a reality.

You can learn more about the program on the website of the Institut de Nàutica de Barcelona (INB).

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