Activities with a common protagonist: Barceloneta

Exhibition ” We are face and voice ” / From March 8 to 30

Exhibition of the video essay by Yago Leonard, which takes us on a journey into the past of a forgotten Barcelona through the photographs of his grandfather Jaques Leonard, who immortalized the life of the gypsy population in the Somorrostro neighborhood. The music of the montage adds nuances to a story that remains incomplete.

Exhibition “Autofoco. Women’s views from diversity” / From February 15 to April 5

The small format exhibition “Autofocus. Miradas de mujeres desde la diversidad” is part of a collective creation process carried out by a group of migrant women from diverse origins who share a close relationship with Barceloneta. This photographic proposal is developed within the framework of the Barceloneta Community Plan and as part of the Barceloneta Diversa project.

Exhibition “The terrible night. The effects of the Candelaria storm of 1911 in Barceloneta” / From April 4th to 27th.

On Tuesday, January 31, 1911, the fishermen of Barceloneta and other places in Catalonia had gone out to work as every day, and nothing foretold that early morning the weather would change radically and turn into a fierce storm. Thirty-five sailors from Barceloneta died, including the relatives of Hilari Salvadó, who would later become the last Republican mayor of Barcelona.

Exhibition “Barceloneta 3D, an immersion in the past” / From May 4 to June 15

Project of the students of the 3D animation cycle of La Salle Barceloneta to recreate the architectural heritage of the neighborhood through a virtual reality application and a model printed in resin. Through this initiative, visitors to the exhibition will be able to virtually get to know the most important historical buildings of Barceloneta.

Guided tour “La Barceloneta, a welcoming neighborhood: from the 18th century to today” / Thursday, May 9 at 5:00 p.m.

From a series of significant points, neighbors, and entities of the territory will explain experiences and key aspects of our past and present together with the historian of the Casa de la Barceloneta 1761. Activity in the framework of the community project Barceloneta Diversa to promote coexistence, combat racism and create links between the different groups that make up the neighborhood.

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Schedules: Tuesday to Friday from 10-13:30h and 16-20h / Saturdays from 10-14h

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