The Beach Center reopens its doors in the most maritime year!

On April 2, the Centre de la Platja (CdP) reopens its doors in a year that promises to be very maritime.

From April 8 to 12, Barcelona hosts the Week of the Ocean Decade, with numerous events around the UNESCO Conference of the Ocean Decade. Centered on “the science we need for the ocean we want,” this conference will bring together the global ocean community to celebrate, take stock of progress, and set joint priorities for the future. In this context, the CdP becomes a key piece in the connection between citizens and the sea, where synergies are created to promote a blue Barcelona. Don’t miss out: “Enbluement: connecting science and the arts to expand our belonging to the ocean”, a participatory artistic event in the Plaza de Charles Darwin in Barceloneta on April 9 at 6pm (organized by: Blue Genes, Barcelona City Council , Bluewave Alliance).

The CdP will continue with the programming of activities and experiences for all audiences, centered around the sea, such as shows, itineraries, workshops, talks, … The Spring Program will soon be published on .cat /centreplatja . You will also find the “ Jugatecambiental ”, a play space on Somorrostro beach with a lot of game proposals and guided activities.

In June, the CdP will once again celebrate World Ocean Day. The city, and especially the beaches, will be filled with activities related to the current issues: Mediterranean biodiversity, climate change, drought,… There will be collaborations with various entities and organizations, always with the idea of weaving a citizen network to raise everyone’s awareness about the importance of the sea and beaches as natural spaces, as well as sustainable leisure.

As the final sprint of the season, from August to October Barcelona will host the 37th edition of the  America’s Cup, an international regatta competition. The CdP will also schedule activities related to this event: who are the women who will be part of the first women’s edition in history? What impacts does the event have on the city? Will it be an opportunity to bring citizens closer to sailing and the sea?

This 2024 is full of anniversaries that we, at the Centre de la Platja, welcome with great enthusiasm. The city of Barcelona is dyed blue to demonstrate the importance of our beaches and the Mediterranean; and to become a very open city facing the sea.

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