Discover ZONA, your sports medicine center in the heart of our neighborhood!

ZONA, health and beauty center, is located in the facilities of the Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta and is open to all those who want to take care of themselves, both inside and out.

The center opened 5 years ago by the hand of one of the most emblematic water polo players of the CNAB, the Olympian Fran Fernandez.

ZONA was born with a very clear philosophy. It is much more than a medical center. It is an oasis for those who seek to achieve their maximum sporting potential and maintain an active and healthy life.

At ZONA they understand that sport means much more than just physical exercise. It is a lifestyle, where health is a priority. Be it physical, mental, cognitive and/or emotional.

They help to adapt physical exercise to the user’s possibilities in order to include it in daily life. For this purpose, they have a large multidisciplinary professional team. Physicians specialized in physical activity and sport, physiotherapists, osteopaths, nutritionists, clinical and sports psychologists, physical trainers, massage therapists and beauticians. Experts committed to a holistic vision of health and wellness who work together to offer comprehensive and personalized care. In addition, all of them also have extensive experience in high-performance sports, as they are the professionals who accompany the CNAB senior men’s and women’s water polo teams, which compete at the elite level of this sport.

The objective of ZONA is clear. The prevention of injuries, maintenance and optimization of health and sports performance.

And let’s not forget that they also offer a beauty center, which has the most advanced and varied treatments, both facial and corporal.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, a passionate amateur or just someone who wants to stay in shape, at ZONA you’ll find the support and resources you need to achieve your goals.

Improve your overall health: body, mind and habits. With them you will have a transformative, cross-cutting experience with visible results right from the start.

Discover all that ZONA can do for you, they are waiting for you!

More information at and at Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta.

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