Many cities, one ocean

In October, El Centro de la Playa unites with the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) to celebrate the month of Ocean Cities, to promote a harmonious coexistence between Barcelona, the people who live there and the sea.

OceanCities Network is a ten-year program supported by UNESCO that brings together cities from several countries in the world. The objective is to promote the relationship between the city and the sea through science, under the premise that the world is made up of many cities united by a single ocean. 

At this historic moment, where climate change is a fact, it is clear that coastal cities will suffer the most from its effects. The solutions to these challenges require the commitment of society as a whole, with the active participation of the citizens.

October, more activities

-Throughout the month: exhibition of the illustrations of the Vendela Vrensk of the story “La yaya velleta y el suquet de peix de la Barceloneta”, written by Ana Ayala, clean of fishermen of the neighborhood and with a very close link with the sea. 

-Saturday, October 7: storytelling that leads us to reflect on the waste of food, fish consumption and the fascinating fishing tradition of Barceloneta.

-Weekend of October 7 and 8: at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. On Saturday 7, with a film forum of the documentary “Project: OCEAN” which raises the climate crisis from ordinary people who either as victims or as activists, are experiencing its effects. And on Sunday 8, a participatory theatre play will be performed to discover how we can take part, as individuals and as a society, in the climate struggle.

-Sunday, October 22: we will celebrate the conclusion of the equipping with a compilation of activities and workshops based on the different themes we have addressed this year.

We look forward to seeing you! October is the last month that the Beach Center is physically open this season, but this is not an impediment to continue doing activities! 

More news from us will be coming soon with the new Winter program.


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