Enjoy the new Pilates Reformer studio at Claror Marítimo beachfront

The only Pilates Reformer studio in the maritime area between Barceloneta and Villa Olímpica.

Fitness and health lovers in the neighborhood are in luck with the opening of the new Pilates Reformer studio at Claror Marítimo, located in the maritime area of Barceloneta and Villa Olímpica, at the foot of Somorrostro beach.

This innovative studio invites everyone interested in improving their mobility, tone the body and control breathing to discover the many benefits of this discipline both physically and mentally.

A booming trend in Barcelona

In the city of Barcelona, Pilates Reformer is emerging as a growing trend. More and more people are looking for this complete physical practice that combines strength, flexibility, balance and breath control.

The opening of the studio at Claror Marítimo, the only studio in the maritime area of Barceloneta and Villa Olímpica, responds to the growing demand from residents and visitors who wish to enjoy the benefits of Pilates Reformer in a professional and welcoming environment.

The Claror Marítimo Pilates Reformer studio is open to both members and non-members of the club and offers both seasonal courses to learn this discipline as well as occasional sessions. With this opening there are now three Pilates Reformer spaces that Claror has opened, after the openings in Claror Can Caralleu and Claror Sardinia, where they have been received with great acceptance by subscriber.

Benefits of the practice of Pilates Reformer

The benefits of Pilates Reformer are many. In addition to improving strength and flexibility, it also helps to correct posture, improve coordination and concentration. A fundamental principle of Pilates is body awareness, which encourages attention to posture and the correct alignment of the body while performing the exercises.

In addition, essential muscles are worked to maintain proper posture, such as the abdominals, dorsal and buttocks. The exercises also focus on the spine, contributing to its elongation and keeping it in a neutral position, preventing and correcting postural problems.

This new Pilates Reformer studio at Claror Marítimo is suitable for people of all levels, from beginners to experienced athletes, with affordable prices, ranging from €45 to €59.

The exercises can be adapted to individual needs, which means that people with different fitness levels and health goals can benefit from this practice.

Introducing Claror Group

Claror is a group of non-profit organizations formed by Fundació Claror and Llinarsport. Our main activity is the management of sports centers in Catalonia. Currently, we manage 10 centers in the region.

Our mission is to contribute, through sport, health and leisure, to improve the quality of life of people throughout their lives. Claror promotes and provides quality sports services from a socially inclusive, ethically responsible and committed to the environment approach.

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