A reference

We are in the high season of leaders -or pseudo-leaders- of the most varied kind.

They are presented to us in the form of politicians, influencers, tiktokers, coachings and panelists, among other appearances. They usually approach us "with premeditation and malice aforethought", through screens, TV, tablet or mobile.

They are characters who try – and often succeed – to sell, persuade and convince us, always for their own benefit, sometimes – even if only as a collateral effect – even for our own. They abound, in all their variants and in all sectors and latitudes. They arise as mushrooms did before climate change.

And the fact is that we have an abundance of leaders, but unfortunately we lack role models.

That is why this time we wanted to remember one of these people who sometimes think they are on our way to give us a real-life lesson. I am referring to Mossèn (Father) Pau. The parish priest of the neighbourhood for almost 50 years. Those who knew him will know what I mean. Those who did not, take a few minutes, leave your cell phone for a while, and read these pages or ask those who knew him about that person.

An example. A true reference. One of these specimens that are on the verge of extinction today.

And it is not about religion; it is about humanity.

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