Reference as Acute Hospital

In both cases they have done it very satisfactorily, achieving a score of 97% of the total. The auditors highlight the strategic vision of the institution and the safety and patient experience projects, among others.

Accreditation is a required procedure from the Department of Health in all acute care health centers that provide services to the public system. Based on a self-assessment based on compliance with standards and an external audit, the care processes (hospitalization, emergencies, outpatient care, surgical care) and support processes (laboratories, blood use, waste management, etc.) are assessed from a quality and patient safety perspective and oriented to results. Leadership, strategy and structural aspects are also assessed, along with processes and results related to people, society and care for patients and families. In total, a total of 832 standards have been evaluated. The previous evaluation was carried out in 2013.

The Hospital de Mar and the Esperança Center are consolidated as one of the leading acute care centers in Catalonia.

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