Picasso and the commerce of Barcelona

2023 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the death of the artist Pablo Picasso, an event that coincides with the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Museu Picasso. A unique opportunity to rediscover Picasso and the artist’s strong bond with Barcelona.

Proximity commerce, as a reflection of social behavior, has a close relationship with culture and with art. These events are an occasion that from the Department of Commerce, Restoration and Consumer Services in collaboration with the Museu Picasso, we want to promote the development of a set of actions:


Dynamization of the Picassian places (totems) through the commercial axes.

The Picassian places are the most significant places in the city of Picasso’s relationship with Barcelona. We have created a gamified circuit and a guide that allows you to get to know the stories and places that shaped the relationship between the artist and the city.

In each of these sites, a totem signage will be placed during 2023, informing citizens and visitors of the reasons behind this relationship.

Also in the commercial axes, near the Picasso sites, those who have wanted to participate, have created or have incorporated activities to planned actions of revitalization of trade (trade shows, etc.) linking trade and the artist. Such as the Comparsa Viva Picasso!, a group of eight figures that represent outstanding elements of the artist’s pictography and his link with Barcelona.

Project "Christmas lights illuminate commerce".

In the commercial axis of the Born for its proximity to the Picasso Museum and since the museum itself is a member of the axis. The essential idea is that the Christmas lighting, subscribed so far in the street, is incorporated into the windows of the stores using the Picasso theme. The best shop window design will be awarded.

Project "Picasso and the commerce of Barceloneta: Picasso Infiltrados".

ACIB _ Barceloneta proposes to commemorate Picasso with a virtual game in their networks: How would the commerce of Barceloneta be seen with the Picassian look?

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