CNAB’s first swim of the year celebrates Silver Jubilee

The Christmas holidays are approaching and there are many things to do.

We have to fill the fridge, send greetings full of good wishes, buy presents, buy the cotillion, make the list of new resolutions… and prepare the swimming costume.

And you can’t miss the must-attend event every January 1st: the First Swim of the Year, organised by the Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta for the last twenty-five years.

On Monday 1 January at noon, on the beach of San Sebastián, the CNAB will once again kick off the year for all the brave men and women who want to start the year with a dip in the beach. A dip to shake off the remnants of 2023 and start 2024 with all the energy and enthusiasm. And, right after that, a hot broth inside the facilities will be waiting for them to regain their strength.

Last year, the festive event attracted close to a thousand participants. It brought together people of all ages, from the elderly to young children, members and non-members, and of many nationalities, because it is a highly anticipated activity in Barcelona’s agenda. There was no shortage of fun costumes with Christmas motifs and endless laughter and hugs.

There were also hundreds of curious onlookers, who didn’t dare to jump into the water, but who didn’t want to miss the moment and filled the beach with the best humour.

Participants or spectators, all of them with a common denominator: happiness, which in the vast majority of cases begins with the grapes and the intention to extend it for the remaining 364 days of the year.

In addition, as has been the tradition for the last 4 editions, they swim for a good cause. The solidarity registration fee is €4. This year, all the money raised will be donated to TraCe, Catalan Association of Cranioencephalic Trauma and Cerebral damage. It is an entity declared of Public Utility, which works for the collective of the Survived Brain Injury. They defend the rights, the autonomy and the improvement of the quality of life of people affected by brain damage and their families.

As usual, the fundraising will be tripled because the La Caixa Foundation and the CNAB will give the same amount as the amount collected with the inscriptions.

The Club Natació Atlètic-Barcelona invites you to start the year in our neighbourhood in an original way. And afterwards you will receive your well-deserved digital diploma, which certifies the participation.


Merry Christmas!

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