Do you know where the name XIRINGO comes from?

It has Cuban origins:

The term was born in Cuba in the 19th century. The workers of the sugar plantations, whenever they stopped to rest, used to use a coffee stocking as a filter and poured water into it. The “chorrito” that came out was called “chiringo”. The huts or kiosks that they built to rest and take their “chiringo” were the ones which gave the name of “chiringuito”.

From the Mediterranean:

In Spain, the term was first heard in 1913 in Sitges, when the journalist César González Ruano baptized the kiosk of the blue and white beach bar, which served cold beer, white wine and fresh fish every day. Later, the word “chiringo” began to spread all along the Mediterranean coast.

The RAE and Georgi Dann:

The RAE registered the word in 1983 but the person who ended up popularizing the term was Georgi Dann turning his “Lo Chiringuito” into the hit of the summer of 1988. 

EL XIRINGO reflects the original spirit that is reflected in the ambience of the place and in the gastronomic offer. Today EL XIRINGO is the xiringo of Barceloneta.

Paellas, fideuàs, zarzuelas, fish, seafood and seafood tapas. The same dishes that have always been prepared by the places of the beach. Now in EL XIRINGO. Where else?

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