Barceloneta, positive

For many, including ourselves, Barceloneta is a unique neighbourhood in one of the most extraordinary cities in the world. We, therefore, think it is especially unfair that lately Barceloneta has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

We will not turn a blind eye to the evidence; there are problems, and they need to be addressed by all of us working together and especially by those directly involved. However, there is no doubt that in this barrio there are many positive and outstanding aspects to point out from both the past and the present and still to come. 

This is what this publication seeks to do. It wants to make known our past, a very interesting cultural and historical legacy, emphasize the unique qualities which give us our distinct identity, and also to show new and innovative projects that emerge right here, from among us. 

What we would like to say is ¨See the positive Barceloneta¨ because Barceloneta´s authenticity has a very impressive past, a riveting present and an exciting future. We wish to echo such past as well as the positives of the present and the hopeful future, and to disseminate it regularly in Esencia Barceloneta. There is work for us all to do here and our objective is to provide local residents with the grounds for optimism and pride; pride to be from Barceloneta. 

We insist, Barceloneta, situated in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, is unique, and it is your barrio.