Casa Costa

The same location. The same spirit. The same family.

5th family generation.

The emblematic Casa Costa in Barceloneta opens, reinterpreted and adapted to the times and keeping the legacy of its history. The new project recalls the past of Casa Costa, passing through Lo Deporto and the Old Casa Costa in the 40s and 60s, La Pinxa in the 80s and the most current already in the new building Pinxo Playa in the 2000s. The dishes include the dates indicated. Promoted by Francis Manresa, 5th generation family and his partners Alvaro Casacuberta and Nacho Sarrió, the new Casa Costa is a Mediterranean restaurant with the soul of a yacht club. At the foot of the beach, it has an offer open to all tastes and at all hours.

Cafeteria in the morning, bar in the afternoon, club at night and restaurant all day.

Coffee, tapas, cocktails, grilled fish, wines. A healthy and varied gastronomic offer, created by chef Joan Martinez. A menu continuously in renovation and based on the quality of the product. In a cozy atmosphere that invites to long after-dinner conversations and get-togethers with a good cocktail and music in the background. All with a young touch that gives it this cosmopolitan character.

Any recommendations?

If you like the classic, the ensaladilla, the tomato salad and the bravas, are safe bets. But we recommend that you let yourself be surprised by ordering the tiger mussel croquettes, the cod salad with orange and stracciatella or the glass prawns with fried eggs. The “encevichados” mussels or the thin slices of red tuna are not to be missed either. And of course, the house specialty: the freshly grilled fish, according to market. Unbeatable. To accompany everything, an extensive wine and liquor list, a Three Marks coffee and a cocktail.

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