With face and eyes

To value the local commerce of Barcelona.

The Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with the main commercial associations of the city, launched a communication campaign aimed at highlighting the value of local commerce in the city. 

This is a model of local commerce that is a reference worldwide thanks to the quality of the product but, above all, to the professionalism of its traders and restaurateurs.

The slogan ‘With face and eyes’ communicates the value of traders as people who are the essence of business and are responsible for providing excellent service with transparency, trust and knowledge. In addition, it also addresses the citizen reminding them that they can rest assured that they are choosing the best products, selected and of quality and encouraging to buy better: closer, more sustainable and with a positive impact on the environment.

Behind the store windows or the market stalls in your neighborhood or bars there are people, as the campaign says, with faces and eyes who know you, who treat you with kindness and care to offer you the best product, the most personalized and pleasant service, with a smile.

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