The world of the superyacht. It’s not just about embarking

I am often asked what our business consists of because the superyacht world is a somewhat unknown sector in general. By default, you are usually identified as a boat rental, catering or boat maintenance... and nothing could be further from the truth.

Our world is complex but simple at the same time, that is, we can cover a lot of ground, but the ultimate goal is the same: “just do it and make it happen”. As we are a service company, our main goal is to satisfy all the needs of our clients, and this makes our structure grow based on this demand. Our client is the yachts and there is a very strong hierarchy on them. The bigger the yacht, the more departments there are. Therefore, we have to adapt our responsiveness to this demand. This means that at EVOLUTION there is room for different types of professionals. We have everything here: ex-cooks, marine engineers, accountants, logistic technicians, customs agents, administrative, marketing experts, warehouse workers, etc. But they all have one thing in common: they speak a minimum of English and have a customer-oriented profile.

 So, the world of superyachting is not just about wanting to get on board. There are other ways to get there, such as working for the service companies around them. Shipyards, marinas, yacht brokers, hardware stores, painting companies, logistics companies, supply companies, and so on and so forth. Any professional can fit into our world. It is only a matter of knowing a bit of English, learning the jargon of the sector, being discreet and above all being resolute and a good overcomer of challenges.

Our clients are mostly the crew, normal people who come to spend some time in our city. They want to get to know our people, enjoy our gastronomy and discover the landscape. They are usually open-minded people who are used to adapting to any place and who appreciate any help we give them. Helping them to have a good experience of our city makes them recommend us and always want to come back. It is our job to make it easy for them and to make every experience simple and pleasant.

So in the end we become ambassadors of our wonderful Barcelona and this is a bonus in this job so the gratitude shown by our customers, whenever they are satisfied, is one of the greatest joys we have.

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