The women’s Handball

Women’s handball team in Barceloneta began in the mid 70’s competing until after the Barcelona Olympics , by categories youth and seniors . First by the name of Center of Sports and then A.E. Ciutat Vella.

The team achieved a highly competitive level. Even around 1980, La Caixa decided to create a girls ‘ team and with coach Lluís Serramichana selected some featured neighborhood players for a
project that lasted 2 seasons.

The players, recognized for their intensity, turned the Repla into a field feared by the rival teams. Unforgettable duels with the AES Sarriá , the eternal rival, are very remembered.

A historical milestone was participation in the Castellón Tournament , where they beat the local team in the semifinals and competed for the title at almighty Leganés.

The team was twice fighting to climb to 1st National.

One unforgettable stage

The anecdotes say that for a few years at the beginning of the 80s they were known for travelling to matches all over the province of Barcelona in a rented nursery bus. It was hard to fit even the biggest players in the seats.

Those were unrepeatable years when a group of young people passionate about handball filled the Repla with fans every Sunday. The strength of the Barceloneta girls was a true reflection of their commitment and it will not surprise you if the players themselves, Montse Capdevila and Rosa Besa, explain to you that they played for months while pregnant.

Nor is it difficult to think that several couples emerged between the boys’ and girls’ teams, who spent so many hours together in matches, training sessions or in the social club in Calle Paredes at the Sports Centre.

Names to remember

Trini, Captain Montse Capdevila, Carmen Piera and many veterans , followed by many others: Nuri Martí, Nuri Companys, Magda Vives, Sònia Delgado, Marta Garriga, Isabel Coll, Alba Ferre , Merche , the Emi … and the memory of those we left that we will not forget : Cristina Caballero, Sílvia Moreno or Yolanda Fernández.
We must also mention coaches like Jordi, Trini Juárez, Lluís Serramichana , Agustí Corn or, among others , Joan Vazquez .

What great times , what memories !

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