The Fishermen’s Guild of Barcelona inaugurates a new fish market

These are modern, spacious facilities designed to improve the work of the professionals who work there.

As a novelty, the new fish market allows access to the public so that they can learn about and appreciate the work of the fishing sector

There are a total of 3,233m 2 of facilities, with state-of-the-art equipment, with an exterior ramp of 140 meters that allows easy access to the spaces open to the public, located on the first floor, where there is also a perimeter terrace that offers privileged views of the docking points of the fishing boats and of Port Vell in general. The new building replaces the old fish market, already demolished, and incorporates spaces so that citizens can, for example, witness the auctions live.
The president of the Port Authority of Barcelona, Lluís Salvadó , has celebrated the fact that the project has been able to be inaugurated after many years of waiting. “It is the first installation of the set of works that we will inaugurate in the coming months in search of bringing Barcelona’s fishing sector closer to all citizens.”

Reclaiming the fisherman’s trade

During the opening ceremony held on May 31, the senior patron of the Barcelona Fishermen’s Guild, José Manuel Juárez, highlighted that “now not only are the facilities changing, but we will also have to change our way of working.” Juárez has claimed the profession of fisherman and has been enthusiastic about the future of the profession, in addition to demanding “that the fish we catch here can be eaten in the restaurants of Barcelona.”
For his part, the general director of Maritime Policy and Sustainable Fisheries of the Generalitat, Sergi Tudela, highlighted that “with this inauguration the Barcelona fish market enters the 21st century.”

Sergi Tudela, director general de Política Marítima i Pesca Sostenible de la Generalitat; Lluís Salvadó, president de l'AP de Barcelona; José Manuel Juárez, patró major de la Confraria de Pescadors de Barcelona; José Alberto Carbonell, director general de Port de Barcelona; i David Pino, director de Port Vell

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