Studies with job opportunities

The Barcelona Nautical Institute (hereinafter INB) began its teaching activity in the 2015/2016 academic year. It is a public integrated vocational training center specialized in the nautical sports and leisure sector, located in the Barceloneta neighborhood. The objective of the INB is to train and qualify maritime professionals, with the technical and attitudinal skills required by the sports and recreational nautical sector.

An emerging model that is committed to providing all the vocational training required by the sector

An emerging model that is committed to providing all the professional training that the sector requires. INB offers studies related to the field of nautical and also the field of sports, at different levels: Training and Labor Insertion Programs, Intermediate Degrees and Higher Degrees.

Making the most of the competitive advantage provided by our location and our relationship with companies and entities in the sector, we are promoting an incessant relationship with the sports and professional sector, in order to provide added value to the students, both in the technological sense and in the transmission of professional values and thus facilitate the rapid incorporation of technological innovations in the training curriculum. We have solid collaborations with the main companies and institutions in the nautical field, materialized in technical conferences, visits, training, internships in work environments, knowledge transfer, teaching stays, incorporation of specialists,… The number of training framework agreements in workplaces and DUAL has increased and there are more than 200 companies signed up. The first contact of the students with the company is during the internship and training period that is carried out alternating between the educational center and the company (DUAL). A considerable number of companies already hire students once the internship is completed.

With 90% job placement

With 90% job placement, we must highlight the job bank service to be able to connect the labor demands of the sector with the students and alumni of the institute. A dynamic exchange, with more than 150 registered companies and 180 active offers.
According to surveys carried out at the institute itself, the job placement rate of graduating students is 90%, of which 85% work in companies related to the studies completed. It is clear that the sustainable development of the economy and the different events that take place in marinas, such as the Copa América, which will be held this year in the city of Barcelona, will have a direct and very positive impact on training and employment in the nautical sector.

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