Crossing the Port of Barcelona. 95th edition!

For example, the first edition of the Vuelta Ciclista in Spain dates back to 1935, the first tennis Conde de Godó was played in 1953 and the first Joan Gamper Trophy in 1966, and at another level, the first World Cup was played in Uruguay in 1930. Is that clear?

The beginnings.

Every year, the neighbors of the Atlético-Barceloneta Swimming Club organize the Crossing to the Port of Barcelona, an appointment not to be missed by all water lovers. And it is on that one day of the year, when the port of our city becomes a giant pool. 

The origin of this competition dates back to 1915, when two members of the Athletic Swimming Club decided to swim across the Port of Barcelona from the Old Hammer. But it was not until 1926 when this event was officially launched.

In its beginnings, the race was considered an epic feat. At a time when most people with enough work knew how to swim or had never seen a swimming competition, the brave ones, who finished the 3,800-meter crossing, captured the admiration of the people. In the first edition, 86 swimmers participated and 82 finished. 

It quickly became an unmissable event, which was awaited with extraordinary expectation, and served to promote swimming in our country. Such was the importance of the Crossing that in 1935, the Club Natación Atlético was distinguished with the Stadium Cup, the oldest and most valuable sports award in Spain, in recognition of the dimension of the event and the magnificent contribution of the Club in the promotion of the sport. 

And like all great sporting competitions, the Travesía has glorified the names of athletes such as Ramon Artigas, Vicenç Olmos, Joan Fortuny, Lolo Ibern, Esther Núñez, Sara Pérez, David Meca, Erika Villaècija and David Royo (the latter still holds the record for victories, having won seven editions). A tradition that would only be interrupted by the civil war, in 1937 and 1938, and then again in 2020. But in spite of the difficulties, the race has been revived with more strength and this year reaches its 95th edition.

At present, the historic event has a participation of more than 500 swimmers, who accompany the centenary organization year after year. The scenario, , has been the incomparable setting of the Moll de Bosch and Alsina, known as the Moll de la Madera, for 5 years now, which allows a great visibility of all the tests, ensuring the spectacularity. 

Not to forget its popular spirit, motivation with which it was born, its projection and relevance at national and international level, all of which have made it become an important date in the most demanding calendars of open water. For 5 years it has been the International Trophy of the city of Barcelona, a stage of the Spanish Cup and a stage of the European Cup. A great pride and satisfaction for the CNAB family that has seen the growth of the most emblematic sporting event of the Club. 

Another relevant fact is that in 1983 the need of the entity to open its activity to people with disabilities, led them to incorporate a new test. A test with great social impact and that continues to be one of the great bets of the Club. The event for people with disabilities. 

It has a total of 8 crossings with distances ranging from 400 m, for people with disabilities and for the youngest, the Benjamins, up to 10 km for swimmers of the European Cup.

The CNAB invites you to participate in this year’s edition, either swimming or encouraging those who dive into the water. They are waiting for you all, within the framework of the Mercè festivities, on Saturday 23 September from 8.30 am.

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