Barcelona, headquarters of the World Ocean Council

The World Ocean Council (WOC) opens its new headquarters in the Port of Barcelona, reaffirming the city as a hub of reference in blue economy and making the Port of Barcelona its epicentre.

The World Ocean Council (WOC) is the leading international business organization that aims to promote sustainable maritime economy, addressing all aspects and issues affecting the oceans, especially in terms of environmental sustainability.

The WOC involves all maritime industries. Sectors ranging from shipping, to fishing, oil and gas, aquaculture, tourism, renewable energy or ports.

“The arrival of WOC at the Port of Barcelona is an opportunity for the entire Port Community and that is why I encourage the more than five hundred companies that represent it, to take advantage of it, each one from its field of action, to promote innovative and environmentally responsible initiatives,” says Lluís Salvadó, President of the Port of Barcelona.

This alliance with the WOC is a reflection of the objectives set by the IV Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and the Port of Barcelona’s Innovation Plan, referring to the promotion of training, employment, entrepreneurship and the attraction of talent to the blue economy, as well as the promotion of international cooperation and public-private partnerships.

A very active alliance

In this line, this coming November the Smart City Expo World Congress, organized by Fira de Barcelona with the Port of Barcelona as a strategic partner, hosts the global congress TomorrowBlueEconomy , dedicated to the promotion and development of the potential of the Blue Economy. Among other initiatives, this congress highlights the meeting “Smart Ports, Piers of the Future”, which deals with innovation, sustainability and digital transformation. Led by the Port of Barcelona, the event is attended by 8 of the most innovative ports worldwide.

A sample of the initiatives that have been already started is the European project Green MarineMed, led by WOC and integrated by Seastainable Ventures, Ship2B, Barcelona Activa and the Port of Barcelona itself, among other entities. Green MarineMed brings together all the actors involved in sustainable maritime transport and aims to promote innovation in this field in the Mediterranean.

Special mention should be made of the project financed by the Port 4.0 Oasis funds, led by the start-up OceanEcostructures. The main objective of this initiative is the recovery of marine life, transforming its ports into active agents of regeneration and biodiversity and the fight against climate change.

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