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The smell of Sant Jordi

It seems unbelievable, but we are approaching the Day of Sant Jordi. Some of you may think that it is still a long way off, but those of us who are dedicated to books, and we have been in the neighbourhood for years, have been preparing for this beautiful day for weeks. At “La Garba” bookstore we are selecting a good amount of books, of different genres and themes, because on April 23rd you will walk through the Maquinista and Joan de Borbó streets and you will find that title that will make you enjoy reading it at home. So, with just over a month to Sant Jordi, we encourage you to live the pre-Sant Jordi atmosphere by paying us a visit, browsing our shop windows or following us on social networks. This way, you will surely get it right: long live books and long live Barceloneta!

Exhibition "One century of commerce in the neighbourhood" by Fermí Puig

From March 17th to April 29th

The situation of Barceloneta forced it to have an internal commercial network, without the neighbourhood having to go shopping, as they said, to “Barcelona”. The exhibition focuses on the stores, more autonomous and familiar businesses, to recover the location and the name from the last century. Many of those have already disappeared.

Exhibition "To remember is to resist" by Alba Sueiro

From May 5th to June 3rd

The exhibition tries to answer the question “What is a neighbourhood?” through the testimonies of the neighbours who have let the camera into their private spaces. They are people of different socio-cultural backgrounds, ages and experiences.

Exhibition "Memòria del moll" of Institut Joan Salvat-Papasseit

From June 9th to July 29th

The ESO students of the Joan Salvat-Papasseit Secondary School have interviewed people from Barceloneta about the history of fishing. They have worked on the social, environmental, and economic implications of this deeply rooted activity. From all the material obtained, they presented a short documentary, an exhibition and a mural.

Lecture "Teodor Garriga, the republican voice of the radio" by Xavier García i Pujades

April 12 at 18:30h

Teodor Garriga had a decisive influence on culture, politics and radio broadcasting in the twenties and thirties linked to Radio Asociación de Cataluña. He lived in exile, suffered the concentration camps and participated in the resistance against the Nazis. He was closely linked to Barceloneta, where he lived for a time.

If you missed the last lectures, you can catch them on the CB1761 Youtube channel:


Talk “The rearguard, bombardment of a city” by Josep Orts, March 23rd.

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