Juanillo y Jandro. Vinagre y Acuario

It was impossible to mention the hundreds of boys who played during all these years. But one of the people who could best represent all of them is Juan Paredes Giner, affectionately known as Juanillo “el calvo”. Juan has lived through all the stages of Repla futsal. He was one of the first boys who played these little games with Mr. Lopez when he was just 13 years old and kept playing until the competitions ended almost 20 years later. Neighbour of the square, Juan spend “more time on the pitch than at home,” he says. He was, as a sportswriter of the time would say, an “elegant defender with good ball control”, but above all he was “good people”.

Wearing his Vinegar T-shirt, he surprises us by confessing that he keeps “a tile from the pitch that I have told them to put in my coffin when I die”. Well, may it be in many, many years, Juan.

A gifted goal scorer, Alejandro Sanz “Jandro”, is also one of these emblematic players of the Repla championships. Jandro was also present from the beginning of the league and was part of the two rival teams, playing for both Vinagre and Acuario. In other words, he was our own Luis Figo of the Repla, but always with a good vibe. A great guy, Jandro, whom we must thank for his active collaboration in this report, as well as Jesús Aranda, Mariano Emperador, José Doménech “Bola”, José M. Juárez and all those who have helped by posing in the photos, explaining their experiences, compiling material to make these pages so endearing for us. We would also like to thank Agapito Soler for his memories.

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