Electricitat, an unordinary winery

The Electricitat Winery has changed little since it opened in 1908. That’s why It is inventoried as part of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.

But the true value of this winery is its tapas. Starting with its famous Russian salad and continuing with its potato omelette, croquettes, Manchego cheese, cured sausages and of course, the Barceloneta bomb. To accompany it, it is essential to try their homemade vermouth, alone or with a siphon.

Without a shadow of a doubt, we are talking about a very special winery that only has the name:

Electricity. The name that originated form the fact that there was a generator that supplied electricity to the entire neighborhood in the basement of the building.

Those of you who know the place, know what we mean.

Those of you who have not been there, need to try it urgently.


Sant Carles, 15. 08003 Barcelona.
932 21 50 17

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