CNAB. Olympic Club

In the world of sports, this is a very special year, since it is an Olympic year. And, from July 26 to August 11, we will be able to experience the best sport at Paris ’24.

In the Barceloneta neighborhood we have an Olympic Club, which bears the name of our neighborhood throughout the world: Atlético-Barceloneta. One of its greatest prides is working on sport in all its aspects, starting with the grassroots and ending with the elite. They train athletes comprehensively from a very young age. And one of its virtues is being able to offer children the possibility of fulfilling the great dream of any athlete, which is to participate in the Olympic Games. This year, they still don’t know how many of their water polo players will have the opportunity to participate. However, taking into account the latest calls for the national team, they expect many of their players to be classified for the great world sporting event. Since the year began, the Spanish men’s water polo team has won the European Championship and bronze medal at the World Cup. In both calls it has had, respectively, no more and no less than 9 and 10 players from the sailor club.

We trust that, when they return from vacation, they will have some very good news and bring an Olympic medal to our neighborhood.

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