Bars are the ultimate constant in changing times

Sergio is a gastropologist, a bar anthropologist who defends their therapeutic role.

I have a degree in social anthropology: I dedicate professionally to anthropology adapted to gastronomy. And that contribution I have conceptualized as Gastropology. I do consultancy and anthropological research applied to gastronomy, and I strongly believe that a bar is a protective ecosystem.

Where there is a bar, there is no couch?

The bar counter is much more than a couch. In the bar, there is a physical possibility to connect with each other horizontally. In other words, to meet in an honest and open way with the reality and the look of the person next to you. I am not only talking about the waiters, but also about the regular customers.

From Cornellà by birth, from Barceloneta by adoption.

That is exactly it! I came to Barceloneta in 2010 and I set up the Bodega La Peninsular on Calle Mar 31, in 2012. I consider myself one more of the neighbourhood. I have loads of friends in these streets.

Due to your track record of opening establishments and other projects, you are becoming more and more of an entrepreneur but less and less of a tavern keeper?

It is true that I am in charge of the Peninsular and other locals like La Libertaria in Raval, and yes, I also have a track record of opening important bars in the city. But “less of a tavern keeper”?! Never! In my case I am an accidental entrepreneur but a tavern keeper of conviction. And yes, you could say I am a kind of a researcher, a social scientist who enjoys his field. I try to create concepts that give answers that are as general as possible, and that provide indicators that help us to know what we are talking about. But, above all I am a barkeeper by conviction and by profession. I have been setting up bars and restaurants for 25 years, many of them in Barcelona.

Participant of the Strategy and Action Plan for Restoration in Barcelona 2020-2024. How is restaurant business promoted in our city?

When I was called to take part in the design of this document, I felt very flattered. It is a municipal proposal that addresses strategic issues from 2021 to 2024 in the sector. A plan that aims to develop quality restaurants. This is perhaps where I can contribute, from my professional experience, proposing as president of the Barcelona Restaurants Sustainable Association.

Barcelona sustainable restaurants?

It is an association with origin and headquarters in Barcelona. Our work is based on training, awareness and research to allow many restaurants to embark on the road to sustainability from the managerial level without any complications.

You met your love in a bar…

Of course, man! But regardless, the relation with my friends and the love you asked me about, has been consolidated with the bars in the background. In this sense, I am “old school”. In fact, I think that bars are the ultimate constant in changing times. That is to say, they resist postmodernity and the virtual era: there is some kind of dissent and transgression in them.

“Above all, a barkeeper”

Sergio Gil, Cornellá 1976. Historian, anthropologist, professor, technical advisor and lecturer at various universities, businessman and gastronomic consultant. President of the Sustainable Restaurants Foundation. Participant of Strategy and Action Plan for the Restaurants in Barcelona 2020-2024. CEO of Gastropología – Restauración Sostenible.

In short, an entrepreneur and tremendously restless tavern keeper who has been opening bars for more than 25 years.


This new 2021-2024 strategy proposes the following objectives to support the sector and meet these challenges and opportunities:

  1. Boost the economic revival of the sector
  2. Encourage digitalization
  3. Advance professionalization
  4. Promote economic and environmental sustainability
  5. Position Barcelona as a gastronomic reference point
  6. Articulate means and tools that promote knowledge

The strategy has benefited from the collaboration of a group made up of key agents in the sector called the “driving group”, with whom the vision of the new strategy and its future actions have been co-designed.

All the measures will be designed taking into consideration several factor:

-the current context: the elements that directly affect the sector and its development, such as COVID-19, changes in consumer habits, new regulations and digitalization.

– the concerns and opinions of key players in the sector.

– the 2016 Measure of Restaurants Governance (MdGR) and the actions that were developed at that time.

– the political commitment to recognize the restoration sector as a fundamental economic and social engine, which is part of the historical and cultural heritage of Barcelona.

The goal is to move towards a sector that is more professionalized, digital and aligned with sustainable development objectives, in order to be more resilient and provide greater value.

Specialists in services for SMEs and the freelancers

-Hardware Installation / Repair / Maintenance

-Anti-virus and computer security

-Online backup and data recovery

-Installation and maintenance of ERP software

-Cloud services / Cloud Computing

– LOPD consulting – IT legality

-Marketing, SEO and Digital Visibility

-Presence control -online clocking

-Installation and maintenance of switchboards