A cultural regatta with a lot of flavor

In the Cultural Regatta, one of our values takes on a special role: cuisine.

Featured activities:

-Tasting on the Rambla, from June 6 to 9. This year it will incorporate a representative gastronomic sample of the twelve countries present in the Copa América.

-Poblenou Wine Festival, September 28 and 29, and every weekend in October.

-Borne Gastronomic District, from the end of September to the end of October.

Try me gastronomic cycle ( Tasta’m ). Organized by the Municipal Institute of Markets and the Federation of Municipal Markets that combines seasonal and seafood products with music. It is celebrated in different markets in the city from the month of May and closes at the Mercado de Mercados fair from October 18 to 20.

-Markets: Gastronomy, restoration and commerce actions have been scheduled in the city’s markets, before and during the celebration of the sporting event. In addition, on the weekends of September and October, giant screens will be installed on a traveling basis in the city’s commercial areas to also enjoy the regattas and the event.

-Street FoodMarket Barceloneta, from September 27 to 29 and from October 4 to 6. Artisans market and display of neighborhood commerce, showrooms with chefs and restaurateurs, maritime outreach workshops, children’s and family activities and live music of maritime tradition. 6 days of activities with 8 spaces for gastronomic tasting, 2 spaces for drinks and wine specialties, 10 shops and artisans, 2 areas for workshops and 1 space for promoting Barceloneta.

Barceloneta, cradle of seafood cuisine

As it could not be otherwise, if we talk about gastronomy with a seafaring air, Barceloneta has a fundamental role.
Origin of the city’s seafood cuisine. The neighborhood has a history of fishermen with their ranch on board, of historic “ snack bars” on the beach that marked an entire era, with its own dishes such as the legendary Z arzuela, or tapas born here such as Bomba de la Barceloneta. A tradition that is still preserved in the fishing district.

Special Time Out

“We eat Barceloneta”, the guide to discover the varied gastronomic offer of the neighborhood.

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