Yoga workshops for oncology patients

The Hospital del Mar is committed to the practice of yoga to improve the mood and physical condition of oncology patients.

In collaboration with the Friends of the Hospital del Mar Foundation and the ‘la Caixa’ Foundation, free yoga workshops are offered to promote, through certain exercises, a state of serenity and balance so necessary for these patients.

The initiative has been presented together with the book “Yoga to get away from pain” by Mireia Coma-Cros, a yoga teacher with a long career in the field of therapeutic yoga. “It is great news that the Hospital del Mar, following in line with

hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic or the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, offers yoga to its oncology patients so that they can better manage the complexity that this process involves,” says Mireia Coma-Cros.

Mireia Coma-Cros. The new free chair yoga workshops for oncology patients are offered through the “A Respite in Cancer” program. According to Dr. Joan Albanell, head of the Medical Oncology Service at the Hospital del Mar, “yoga can improve the mood and quality of life of patients and reduce or reverse symptoms or physical after-effects of the disease”.

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