Restoration of the historic “ Tinglados” of the Moll Oriental

The Port of Barcelona has completed the restoration of the four “ Tinglados” located in the Eastern Moll. Historic facilities with more than a hundred years of life.

The project which started in March 2023 with a budget of 7.3 million euros, has been developed by a temporary union of companies formed by Copisa , Constructora Pirenaica and Nature System . The work represents a new step forward in the Port of Barcelona’s commitment to preserve heritage and open more spaces in Port Vell to the public.

La Carbonera, La Carpintería and El Taller

The names of the buildings refer to their original uses: La Carbonera, which was the old coal warehouse; La Carpintería, intended for naval carpentry for the repair and construction of wooden boats at that time; and El Taller, where, as its name indicates, boats were repaired. The fourth “ Tinglado” It is the nautical bus station.
During the Copa América the “ Tinglados” will function as a meeting and hospitality point for the port community. After the aforementioned event, the Port is already collaborating with the Department of Culture of the Generalitat to allocate the three “ Tinglados” for cultural and artistic purposes.

Respecting the original aesthetics

As pointed out by both the director of the work, Gemma Peñalver, and the architect who undertook the project, Pau Díez, the criterion of restoration of the “ Tinglados” , with more than 120 years of life, has maintained the commitment to respect the original aesthetics, pursuing integration between the four buildings and at the same time enabling multifunctional use of the spaces.
The facilities will be managed and marketed by the Port Vell urban management, under the ‘ Tinglados’ brand , with the aim of attracting a high-value cultural activity, becoming a meeting point between the port and the city.


“We have transformed ruins into a space of culture.”
Lluís Salvador, president of the Port of Barcelona

“They are open spaces that allow exhibitions, presentations, concerts and events of all kinds.”
David Pino , manager of Port Vell.

“The Copa América has to be an opportunity to transform the coastline with actions such as those at Port Vell.”
Laia Bonet, first deputy mayor of the City Council of Barcelona

“Los Tinglados are an example of the recovery of industrial heritage of Catalonia”.
Natàlia Garriga, acting Minister of Culture.

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