The history of stevedoring is part of the history of Barceloneta

Barceloneta is the fishing district, the fishing district and also the port district. Port and neighborhood have been and are closely linked since the origin of both. Aware and proud of this, the OEPB has committed to recovering and maintaining this part of the history of all those who live, will live and above all have lived in this neighborhood, especially those who have had a relationship with stevedoring in one way or another.

With that objective, in 2022 and with this objective in mind, a documentary archive that recovers and catalogs all the extensive stored documentation was created. The recovery and classification work is very laborious and never-ending, but today, just two years later, we are proud of the results.

Testimony of the union struggle

Of course, they have a special role in the exhibition in the 70s and 80s. Decades in which the Port of Barcelona, through the Coordinator, was the union nerve center of all of Spain and a good part of Europe. There are many images and documents that testify to this activity of a group always at the forefront in union defense and organization.

An open archive in the neighborhood

This archive is shown in a free access exhibition at our headquarters (Edificio Sant Pere Pescador. c/ del Mar, 97). In this space you can see and consult all types of physical, documentary, photographic and even sound material. Objects of unquestionable historical value, iconic images, documents, some of them centuries old.

The OEPB ‘s commitment is first to recover a historical legacy. Don’t miss it! Then, slowly due to its diversity and volume, select it, catalog it and finally disseminate it. To show it to the citizens, to the neighbors, many of them with relatives who were protagonists of this story that is exposed here. For this reason, we receive two types of visitors to the archive: researchers and university historians in search of this valuable documentation to carry out their work, and family members who are looking for a photo, an ID or a document of the grandfather who worked on the stowage.

Help us complete the sample

Many of you surely have a photo, some ID or some forgotten object of your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents from when they worked at the Port . At the OEPB we will be delighted to receive them and include them in the exhibition. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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