Preventing premature skin aging

Luxfaciem Skin Renew is a science-based anti-aging dermo-cosmetic line with the unique active ingredient CAP Peptide 5 and the innovative SMART delivery system. CAP Peptide 5 is the product of years of work and is a unique peptide proven by numerous studies to repair damage and prevent premature skin aging, protect collagen and help its regeneration, have antioxidant effects and increase skin elasticity and hydration.

What makes CAP Peptide 5 unique? How did it happen?

CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) is the largest public institution in Spain dedicated to scientific and technical research and one of the most prominent in the European Research Area. It is attached to the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. The CAP Peptide 5 is a technology derived from this 20-year collaboration to treat a special and rare group of telomere diseases (telomeropathy), which lead to premature aging of the skin. The peptides which CAP Peptide 5 was derived from are registered drugs for the treatment of telomeropathy.

By consensus of a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals in 2016 (dermatologists, oncologists, allergists, biologists and aesthetic physicians), in collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), it was decided to make CAP Peptide 5 available to everyone through a dermocosmetic, due to its potent biological effects on aging. This is how the Luxfaciem Skin Renew dermo-cosmetic line was born.

To what does Luxfaciem CAP Peptide 5 owe its efficacy? How does it really work?

We asked Jelena Meštrović Štefekov, PhD, a specialist in dermatovenereology. 

“Telomere shortening, collagen loss, oxidative stress and ultimately cell degradation are the main causes of skin aging. The research objective of a multidisciplinary team of scientists was to develop molecules that help protect and prolong the life of cells and tissues, and slow down the process of cellular stress (aging) by acting on 5 main causes of aging:

  1. Telomere preservation and lengthening. Telomeres are the terminal parts of cell chromosomes. With each division and the formation of new cells, the telomere length gradually shortens, which eventually leads to cell breakdown and death. It is therefore not surprising that maintaining and lengthening telomeres is one of the main objectives of anti-aging strategies in general, not only in order to maintain the health and quality of the skin, but also of the whole organism. Studies show that CAP Peptide 5 maintains telomere length, which prolongs the life of skin cells. This is especially true for fibroblasts, cells that produce collagen.

  2. Increasing collagen levels, preserving its structure and architecture. In addition to protecting collagen-producing fibroblasts, CAP Peptide 5 demonstrates the ability to regenerate collagen fibers, protecting them from degradation while maintaining their structure and architecture, a cross-linking that gives strength and fullness to the skin.

  3. Antioxidant action. Studies show that CAP Peptide 5 has a strong antioxidant effect, the so-called REDOX effect. It increases the levels of enzymes that protect cells from oxidative stress such as SOD and catalase. It reduces the levels of inflammatory mediators such as IL-6 and IL-8 which reduces the accumulation of harmful active oxygen radicals, reduces inflammatory processes and protects cells from damage and decay.

  4. Reduce the level of biomarkers of aging such as – ß-galla. Thanks to all these features, CAP Peptide 5 leads to a reduction in the aging process of skin cells, as shown by studies recording a decrease in the levels of the most important biomarker of skin aging – ß-gala.

  5. Improves skin hydration and elasticity. A 3-month application has been proven to increase skin elasticity and hydration and reduce the depth and thickness of wrinkles.

Furthermore, according to Dr. Meštrović Štefekov, for a given active substance, including CAP Peptide 5, to be effective, a delivery system, i.e. delivery to the deepest layers of the skin, is very important, which allows the active ingredients to access the deep layers of the skin. It is in these layers, where CAP Peptide 5 acts, that we find the greatest amount of collagen. Luxfaciem Skin Renew features a new and unique SMART delivery system. The SMART delivery system facilitates the access of CAP Peptide 5 to the deep layers of the skin. This ensures the release of CAP Peptide 5 where it is needed most “- concludes Dr. Meštrović Štefekov.

The Luxfaciem Skin Renew product line consists of day and night creams, eye contour, serum, anti-spot cream and body cream.

The products are intended for all skin types.

Day cream: Pleasant moisturizing facial cream with prolonged and strong effect, which stimulates the natural production of collagen. Nourishes the skin, eliminates signs of aging, and reduces oxidative stress. Combines CAP Peptide 5, hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients that help regenerate cells and collagen deep in the skin, and vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal functioning of all skin cells. It reduces the expression of wrinkles, increases skin elasticity and luminosity, and reduces skin laxity. It is intended for mature skin due to its deep moisturizing and regenerating capacity. It does not irritate or dry the skin.

Active ingredients: CAP Peptide 5, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamin E, moisturizing active ingredients, sun filters, allantoin, trace elements, vegetable proteins, glycerine.

Eye contour: The action of the active ingredients CAP Peptide 5 and hyaluronic acid reduces the signs of skin aging around the eyes such as fatigue, dehydration and relaxation, darker discoloration, and puffiness. Reduces fine and expressive wrinkles, leaves skin smooth and bright.

Active ingredients: CAP Peptide 5, hesperidin, hyaluronic acid, humectants, glycosaminoglycans, centella asiatica (Asiatic pennywort), soy protein, argireline, vitamins and biological antioxidants, microspheres with optical effect.

Serum: Intensive anti-aging and repairing serum with lifting effect. Combines high concentrations of CAP Peptide 5, hyaluronic acid and latest generation active ingredients. It has a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Promotes cell renewal and collagen production in the deep layers of the skin. The ability to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin provides an intense and long-lasting lifting effect, improves vitality and restores the skin’s radiance, protecting it from external factors. Active ingredients: CAP Peptide 5, hexapeptide 10, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, revitalizing active, ingredients with lifting effect protein, collagen, allantoin.

Night cream: Rich, repairing, nourishing and regenerating night cream with a deep and long-lasting effect. Protects and promotes skin cell renewal. Consists of a combination of CAP Peptide 5, retinol and coenzyme Q10 and other nutrients and active ingredients that help the natural regeneration of collagen. It provides the skin with a high degree of hydration, giving it a soft, smooth and fresh appearance.

Active ingredients: CAP Peptide 5, antioxidants, coenzyme Q10, retinyl palmitate, kaolin, squalene, wheat and soy proteins.

Anti-spot cream: Relieves skin pigmentation irregularities (melasma) caused by excessive sun exposure, pregnancy or aging. The whitening, detoxifying and antioxidant capacity of this preparation leads to a reduction of pigmentation expression, evens skin tone, restores and protects.

Active ingredients: CAP Peptide 5, acetyl glycyl beta-alanine, hexylresorcinol, plant extracts, Laminaria algae, bisabolol, allantoin, lecithin.

Body cream: Combination of nutrients and natural oils that prevent water loss, keep the skin moisturized and smooth, and relieve itching. Contains natural proteins with repairing, lifting and antioxidant effect. It gives excellent results on dry and irritated skin, and after aggressive treatments. Due to its rapid and deep absorption into the skin, it creates a protective layer with a 24-hour effect. Relieves inflammation, irritation, itching and redness. Restores the comfort, softness, elasticity and vitality of healthy skin.

Active ingredients: CAP Peptide 5, rosehip oil, soybean glycine oil, rice germ oil, squalene, natural extracts, urea, allantoin.

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