La Barceloneta, a strategic point of connections with and through the ocean

Last May, the Institute of Marine Sciences connected two continents in an educational activity related to the ocean and continental waters within the framework of the PREP4BLUE project.

Students of the Narcís Institute Monturiol connected remotely with students from the Metropolitan Technological University of Chile. The reason? Share experiences about what they had learned in water analysis throughout the course. From Barceloneta, the students’ task in analyzing the waters of the beaches of Barcelona was explained, and from Chile, the analysis they were about to begin in the tributaries of the river Puangue .

But this networking is not something isolated. In Barceloneta there is both the desire to expand in the world and to strengthen relationships between entities in the neighborhood. Thus, this June the Port of Barcelona, Fundació Barcelona Capital Nàutica, ICATMAR , Proa a la Mar, and the Institut de Ciències del Mar have celebrated World Environment Day with a day that included sailing and workshops on the importance of maintaining balance in the food webs of the marine world.

The youth of all of Barcelona also want to join. A group of students from the Pedralbes Institute has designed an underwater drone within the framework of the # MetròpolisFPLab program of the BCN Professional Training Foundation. This drone has the collaboration of the Nautical Institute, which has designed the casing. A whole series of sensors and cameras will help to monitor the biodiversity of our beaches, contributing to the task of the group of Mediterranean Space entities through the project RESMED thanks to the climate subsidy from Barcelona City Council.

Surely many other actions are coming to your mind now that are being carried out thanks to networking, would you like to send them to us?

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